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projects for some of the world's most extraordinary amphibians.

From the biggest to the smallest, we have chosen a collection of species that truly reflects the diversity of amphibian life on Earth, and all these species require conservation attention to prevent their extinction.

Please help support their future.

Ghost frogs of South Africa

Lungless salamanders of Mexico

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6th Sep 15
  Welcome back to Superhero Sunday here at EDGE!  Last week we met a salamander who can go ten years without eating, a bird who's older than the...  Read

30th Aug 15
Who loves superheroes? We all love superheroes! From Spiderman to the Avengers to Batman to the Fantastic Four to Ant-Man, superheroes are flooding popul...  Read

31st Jul 15
Four hours and 250km later, in Puebla State, we arrive at Laguna Alchichica, Alfredo’s field site. Set in a landscape that has turned from forest to se...  Read

29th Jul 15
  I am standing on a narrow isthmus of land, essentially a dirt track running on top of a levee. On my right is a fragment of the once vast Lerma...  Read

22nd Jul 15
Welcome to Life on the EDGE, our monthly blog featuring news about our projects, fellows, species, and all other things EDGE.  This is our first update ...  Read

24th Jun 15
 A few weeks ago we started the field work for the Taylor’s Salamander Project in Alchichica. Chris Michaels from ZSL visited the project and came with ...  Read

30th Apr 15
  “Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” I think that pretty much sums up my approach to life. I aspire to p...  Read

22nd Apr 15
  Blind salamanders, paternal toads, scaly anteaters, fiery-coloured cats.  There can be no doubt that we live in a world of wonders, of beauty and variet...  Read

13th Apr 15
In spring 2014, a very important tadpole hatched from a frog egg at ZSL London Zoo. It was shortly followed by many brothers and sisters, and these 3mm l...  Read

25th Mar 15
There are lots of beautiful and enigmatic places around the world, and most of them are subject of myths and legends. Can you imagine a piece of th...  Read

24th Nov 14
The purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) is currently listed as the world’s 4th most Evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered amphibian spec...  Read

13th Aug 14
Before my visit my mind’s eye had Seychelles down as one of the tropical Indian Ocean paradises that has sadly ended up in the whirling, slightly out of co...  Read

25th Jul 14
It was midmorning at the exquisite auditorium in the middle of the Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, Netherlands when I took my turn to address 500 distinguished pe...  Read

8th May 14
What comes into your mind when you hear of a person determined to go into the wilderness to study an animal s/he has never seen? Well, that is me. I have had...  Read

2nd Dec 13
Edge fellow Fang Yan shares news of an initiative to help the recovery of wild Chinese giant salamander populations. During 23rd September to 23rd Octobe...  Read

10th Oct 13
A team of experts from ZSL recently visited our Chinese giant salamander project in China. Head of ZSL's herpetology department Ben Tapley has written this b...  Read

18th Sep 13
My name is Arun Kanagavel and I have been working in the Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot in India on herpetofauna and with local communities to integr...  Read

5th Sep 13
This August we held a Chinese Giant Salamander event in Xi’an this was to raise publicity for the species as well as carry out questionnaires with local pa...  Read

16th Aug 13
EDGE fellow Dušan Jelić and the PROTEUS project in Croatia has received a € 240,000 grant to continue his vital work on the olm. These funds will all...  Read

12th Aug 13
by Becky Shu Chen (IoZ, ZSL) The Darwin Initiative Project entitled “A sustainable future for Chinese giant salamanders” includes a strong Communi...  Read

24th Jul 13
Following Lv Jingcai's recent blog about the Chinese giant salamander EDGE fellow Yan Fang has written a quick update from the project in China. In order ...  Read

22nd Jul 13
Guest Blog: EDGE Fellow Lv Jingcai talks about a recent workshop for the Chinese giant salamander held in China The field survey workshop of a sustai...  Read

26th Jun 13
Former EDGE fellow Claudio Soto-Azat has recently published a paper on the conservation of Darwin’s frogs, which includes the northern Darwin’s frog (Rhi...  Read

7th Jun 13
As explained in this blog post from 2011 chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) is one of the primary reasons that amphibians face the greatest risk...  Read

2nd May 13
Zhou Feng's EDGE Fellowship project focuses on diagnosing pathogens that threaten the Chinese giant salamander. In her latest blog, she tell us about the dea...  Read

30th Apr 13
Since the last week of March, heavy rains have been pouring in Kenya. Catastrophic floods and massive landslides, in which numerous people have lost their li...  Read

17th Apr 13
EDGE Fellow Caleb Ofori Boateng is one of West Africa's leading herpetologists and through his EDGE Fellowship he will now be championing the little know Tog...  Read

25th Mar 13
Meet Fang Yan and Lv Jingcai, two EDGE Fellows who will be researching the Chinese giant salamander (CGS) in their home country of China. Found in much of ce...  Read

19th Mar 13
EDGE Fellow Jacob starts his adventure in search of an elusive EDGE amphibian species... I cannot tell the number of times that I have thought about begin...  Read

17th Mar 13
The giant panda is loved by people globally. Its characteristic black and white coat and playful nature has made it a firm favourite with the general public ...  Read

10th Mar 13
Meet Shu Chen, one of our new EDGE Fellows working on the Chinese giant salamander in her native country of China. In this introductory blog, she describes ...  Read

6th Mar 13
My name is Zhou Feng and I come from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China. I am really looking forward to starting my EDGE Fellowship and helping to research and...  Read

27th Feb 13
For the first time, New Zealand’s critically endangered Archey’s frog - the world’s most evolutionarily distinct amphibian - has been successfully bred...  Read

12th Sep 12
Since the Croatian Herpetological Society started the olm conservation project "PROTEUS” in 2011, we have hosted several very important meetings and round-...  Read

6th Aug 12
The Mazumbai warty frog (Callulina kisiwamsitu) has a very interesting lineage. Its family (Brevicipitidae) is a group of 26 unique frogs from Africa that us...  Read

23rd Jul 12
The Salamandridae (“true newts and fire salamanders”) family has around 74 species that diverged from all other salamanders around 200 million years ago,...  Read

20th Jun 12
In Kenya, the Sagalla Caecilian Conservation Project is carrying out habitat rehabilitation through planting of indigenous trees and vetiva grass in Saga...  Read

18th Jun 12
The granular salamander (Ambystoma granulosum) is a very unusual EDGE species. Belonging to the Ambystomatidae (or “mole salamander”) family, which diver...  Read

7th Jun 12
Over the past month of May, Gabby Wild has been a busy bee. In conjunction with EDGE she launched her campaign to save the Chinese giant salamander, which is...  Read

23rd May 12
The Nahuelbuta Mountain Range is located within the northern limit of the Valdivian forest ecoregion near the coast of south-central Chile. It is conside...  Read

1st May 12
With only three individuals reported since 1994, it is possible that the sharp-snouted day frog (Taudactylus acutirostris) is already extinct. This frog ...  Read

2nd Apr 12
The Table Mountain ghost frog (or Rose’s ghost frog – Heleophrynidae rosei) is a focal EDGE amphibian, and is named so because it is only found on Ta...  Read

19th Mar 12
As it was St Patrick’s Day last saturday, we thought we should pay homage and carry on the ‘green theme’ in our species of the week blog. So, here we p...  Read

1st Mar 12
Hi! My name is Dušan Jelić and I live in Zagreb, the capital city of a beautiful country called Croatia (Central Europe). I have just become an EDGE Fellow...  Read

29th Feb 12
To coincide with Leap Day, Amphibian Ark has launched a new international event that is celebrating the successes achieved in amphibian conservation, both in...  Read

16th Dec 11
The alternative livelihoods project to secure a future for he Sagalla caecilian never stops... Tree planting The weather has favoured tree planting t...  Read

13th Dec 11
It is not immediately obvious that the Togo slippery frog (Conraua derooi), which reaches the moderate sizes of 75-85 mm, is a close relative of the largest ...  Read

14th Nov 11
The Malagasy rainbow frog (Scaphiophryne gottlebei) may well be the most decorated of all Madagascan frogs, hence why it is also known as the painted burrowi...  Read

28th Oct 11
Trying to save one EDGE species was apparently not enough for former EDGE Fellow Claudio Soto-Azat. He has been working for a few years in conservation effor...  Read

18th Oct 11
As the name suggests Angel’s Madagascar frog (Boehmantis microtympanum) lives exclusively in Madagascar, specifically in southeastern Madagascar. This is ...  Read

3rd Oct 11
The Chinhai spiny newt (Echinotriton chinhaiensis) possesses a remarkable defence mechanism against predators.  Both sexes have a series of 12 highly conspi...  Read

22nd Aug 11
Taylor’s salamander (Ambystoma taylori)like many other amphibians defies limits. This salamander has specialised for life in salty water. It can only be fo...  Read

8th Aug 11
This frog is often described as a “living fossil” since it is almost indistinguishable from the fossilised remains of frogs that lived 150 million years ...  Read

25th Jul 11
This frog in not only extraordinary in its appearance but also in the way it lives.  Unlike most frogs the purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) spends...  Read

3rd Jun 11
We have recently brought in a new monitoring tool to help devise conservation management actions for Hewitt’s Ghost Frog: a full spectrum diatom analys...  Read

17th May 11
Zhou Feng is an EDGE Fellow working on the Critically Endangered Chinese giant salamander – EDGE’s highest priority amphibian for conservation action.  ...  Read

4th May 11
James Mwang'ombe is the project manager for the Sagalla Caecilian (Boulengerula niedeni) conservation project in Kenya. One of the projects activities is the...  Read

27th Apr 11
The unique early development of Darwin’s frogs By EDGE Fellow Claudio Soto-Azat Darwin’s frogs are two species of endemic anurans: the Northern Darwi...  Read

18th Feb 11
During August and December 2010 Conservation International (CI), in collaboration with the IUCN Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) and Global Wildlife Conserva...  Read

15th Feb 11
The latest update from EDGE Fellow Werner Conradie. Hewitt’s Ghost Frog (Heleophryne hewitti) was considered critically endangered, with a declining pop...  Read

8th Dec 10
Darren Naish is a fantastic advocate of everything to do with tetrapod zoology through his excellent blog.  From fossils to modern day creatures, ...  Read

5th Nov 10
An update from James Mwang’ombe, the supervisor of EDGE Fellow Dorine Shali, both of whom are contributing to the conservation of the Sagalla caecilian in ...  Read

19th Oct 10
Today’s IUCN Species of the Day is EDGE amphibian number 15, the Table Mountain ghost frog (Heleophryne rosei). The family to which the Table Mountain ...  Read

18th Oct 10
A second update from EDGE Fellow Claudio Soto-Azat. Darwin’s frogs are two species of endangered anurans endemic to the native template beech forests of C...  Read

11th Oct 10
An update from EDGE Fellow Claudio Soto-Azat Darwin’s frogs (Rhinoderma darwinii and R. rufum) are two endangered amphibians species only known from the t...  Read

22nd Sep 10
Conservation International’s “Lost Frogs” campaign (see EDGE blog) has found the elusive Cave splayfoot salamander (Chiropterotriton mosaueri) during i...  Read

20th Jul 10
In fantastic news for nature conservation, the New Zealand Government announced today it has abandoned plans to mine 7000 hectares of land protected under Sc...  Read

12th Jul 10
EDGE Amphibian number 80 - the wonderful Luristan newt (Neurergus kaiseri) - is today's Species of the Day! The Luristan newt is the smallest of the four ...  Read

27th May 10
The Purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) is a flagship species for conservation in India. Its distribution is restricted to two states in peninsular In...  Read

7th May 10
Two of the highest priority EDGE amphibian species are under imminent threat of extinction from mining, as the New Zealand Government proposes to remove prot...  Read

6th May 10
The 2010 FIFA World Cup is here. Everybody is excited and is counting down the days to the kick-off. Will South Africa be able to host such a huge event? ...  Read

23rd Apr 10
In the last year, EDGE Fellow for the conservation of Darwin’s frogs, wildlife veterinarian, Claudio Soto, has undertaken several activities in order to kn...  Read

12th Apr 10
Today's Species of the Day is the Darwin's frog (Rhinoderma darwinii). This is one of our EDGE amphibian focal species, along with its only close relative, t...  Read

17th Mar 10
The little-known Luristan newt (also called Kaiser's spotted newt) is a highly attractive EDGE amphibian from Iran.  Its striking colouration is thought to...  Read

27th Dec 09
I, James Mwang’ombe, am Dorine’s local supervisor and the Head of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum. The Sagalla Caecilian conservation project is one o...  Read

17th Dec 09
Intrepid frog fan and documentary-maker Lucy Cooke recently embarked upon a South American odyssey to document the curious lives of amphibians and highlight ...  Read

20th Nov 09
The following blog update was sent by James Mwang'ombe of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum in Kenya, where EDGE Fellow Dorine is working to conserve the elusi...  Read

17th Nov 09
Although the origin of the name “Ghost Frog” is unknown, it is believed that it originated because some frogs are found in Skeleton Gorge on Table Mounta...  Read

8th Oct 09
Our EDGE Fellow for the South African ghost frogs, Werner Conradie, has just sent us this fascinating account of how frog calls provide vital clues about wha...  Read

15th Sep 09
Here is an update from Werner Conradie, our EDGE Fellow who is working to develop a robust monitoring regime for Hewitt's ghost frog, working towards a conse...  Read

11th Sep 09
Since the Global Amphibian Assessment came out in 2004, statistics detailing the sinister predicament of the amphibians have been widely and frequently quote...  Read

27th Jul 09
EDGE Fellow Dorine Shali has been familiarising herself with her study species, and the problems it faces on Sagalla Hill, Kenya. A field visit was conduc...  Read

4th Jun 09
The EDGE Amphibians project has recently secured funding to start a conservation project for one of our highest priority species - the Sagalla caecilian (Bou...  Read

15th May 09
The second of our Fellows for EDGE amphibian species, Werner Conradie, tells us about the Critically Endangered frogs he is studying in South Africa. As a...  Read

5th May 09
Ashish Thomas, our first amphibian EDGE Fellow, tells you here a bit more about his chosen species and what he is doing towards its conservation. The Ind...  Read

24th Feb 09
We have just received this blog from EDGE Community member Philip de Pous, with an updated on his current work in Morocco: After ten weeks of research in ...  Read

14th Jan 09
Here is an update from Thomas Doherty-Bone, who is working in Cameroon on EDGE Amphibian number 34, the Lake Oku clawed frog. Arrival in Cameroon After...  Read

7th Jan 09
One of our focal EDGE amphibians – the purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) – has been caught on camera for the first time by EDGE-affiliated resea...  Read

17th Dec 08
Here is the second blog from Thomas Doherty-Bone, who is carrying out research on little know amphibians in Cameroon, including a number of EDGE and highly E...  Read

12th Nov 08
This is the first blog from Thomas Doherty-Bone, who is carryng out conservation research on amphibians unique to Cameroon. Thomas is being supported by a gr...  Read

11th Nov 08
Two years ago, for the first time in its 180-year history, the Zoological Society of London launched the Erasmus Darwin Barlow Conservation Expeditions. ...  Read